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  A R T  T A L K S – I N T E R N A T I O N A L  A R T I S T  E X C H A N G E  

Students choosing the stream ARTE at the professional baccalaureate school in Lucerne, Switzerland have the option to attend bilingual Art History and Arts classes. The students graduate with an exam that entitles them to enter University of Applied Science, including Arts and Architecture. We teach the stream ARTE with its main subjects Arts, Art History, Information and Communication. 


Talking and discussing arts is the main objective of the Art History bilingual course and Arts and Culture is part of the English syllabus. We want to combine the two things by organizing digital exchanges with international artists who speak English. The exchanges consist of presentations and discussions of art works.


Since 2019 Art Talk brought our students together with artists from India, Mexico, Greece, Argentina, Lausanne, Chile, US, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic – an amazing experience that the students thoroughly enjoyed.

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